Telestrations – A Drawing Game Fun

Games + Drawing =Fun!


Telestrations – Game Review

This party game is Pictionary meets Telephone. This fun Party Game is a hilarious from beginning to end, but mostly at the end of the rounds. Start off with up to 8 friends and draw guess your way through each sketch pad.

Game Setup

Each player starts off with one dry-erase notepad and pen.

Game Play

Telestrations is similar to the game of Telephone but instead of whispering words, you are drawing pictures and passing it to the next person who will do their best to guess what you drew, and continue to pass it around drawing and guessing until the story book is completely full.

Each player draws a card.  The dice is rolled and the corresponding number on the die is the word on the card that will be used for that round.

Each time a player either guesses or draws a picture, they flip a page so only the previous guess or drawing is showing.

Next player draws what you guessed and so on until the book is completely full or it gets back to the original owner of the storybook.



How to Win

There is a scoring system for this game however I don’t even ever play with points as it is just hilarious to read through everyone’s notepads seeing the evolution each story.

So our scoring is whoever’s story makes you laugh the hardest wins!


One Round of Fun

At the end of the round when all of the sketch pads have been finished each player gets to read their story allowed. There are official ways of scoring but our favorite way to keep scores is whichever story ends up getting the most laughs wins that round.


Why Try Telestrations?

We love Telestrations because it is a simple and fun game to play. Great for so many ages as well. We play with younger children all the time as young as 7 or 8 years old and if they get a hard word to begin with we will swap it out for a new card.

Anytime someone says “I can’t draw” I encourage them even more to play this game! Its not about being the best artist, it is quite the opposite as the best and most hilarious stories come from quick scribbles!

We also recommend the Telestration Party Pack to add more players to the fun, up to 12 people!

Recommended age for this game is 12+ but I have played with as young as 7 years and they had just as much fun!


Have you played this Party Game?


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