Game Night Week #5 Tokaido

Tokaido -A Beautiful Travel Experience Game

Another week of great games at Gamenight. This game was definitely the highlight of my games been looking forward to playing this for a few weeks now. Was really happy with how easy it was to learn and play would definitely play this with beginner gamers all the way to experience gamers.


Game #1 : TokaidoThe first thing I noticed in this game is how beautiful the board is.

First you start off with a character which gives you an extra bonus throughout the game.

Then the trip begins.

While traveling the road from Kyoto to old Edo you will:

  • Visit beautiful Temples and donate money to them.
  • Eat yummy Japanese food at restaurants along the way.
  • Paint murals of the astonishing scenery.
  • Refresh yourself at the relaxing hot springs.
  • Meet friends along the way and learn new things.
  • Stop at farms along the way to work for some quick money to continue on your trip.
  • Don’t forget to stop at a souvenir shopping and take some souvenirs home for friends and family.

Each of these tourist adventures will stack up their experiences, each time someone finish a scenic mural painting they will get a bonus as well as the person who makes the most friends, makes the most donations at Temple’s during the trip.

Very simple and easy to learn, and very colorful and engaging to play.

I had character card which allowed me a bonus of collecting an extra neural painting each time we stopped to eat. This allowed me to finish my paintings quicker and I was able to finish all three paintings!

What is your favorite game to play at Gamenight?


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