Ethnos A Strategy Game

Game Night #4 : Splendor, Sushi Go,

Recap of our fourth Gamenight at Go Games and Toys.

Game Night Overview

Group Size: 20 people

Duration of Gamenight: 3 1/2 hours

Games I Played: 3

Game #1 Splendor


This Strategy Games is one of my favorite for Gateway Games. Collect the beautiful Gem tokens to buy up Gem cards, get visits from a nobles and collect  points to win, first to 15 initiates the last round, whoever has the highest points t the end of the round wins!

Game #2: Sushi Go Party

Easy to jump in this fast playing card drafting game. Players pass around sushi cards trying to collect the combinations that will score them the most points for each round. Players with the most deserts at the end of the game also get additional points. Highly recommended for Party and Family Game Nights!

Game #3 Ethnos

This game Took a few rounds to catch all of the different aspects this game has to offer. There are different races each race having its own benefits.

You are building bands (groups) of races and religions. Building bigger bands gives you more points and allows you to place a token in an area based on the color or other conditions met.

What I liked about this game is that once you Play a band or collection of a race or region then all the rest of the cards in your hand get discarded onto the table. This keeps players from keeping too many cards each round. The exception to this is certain bands for example the Centaur Race allows you to play multiple bands and in that case players can collect more than one band to play.

Overall I really enjoyed playing this game! Great strategy and fun to learn and play!

Recommended for medium to advanced strategy players. Beginer gamers may be overwhelmed by the complex aspects of this game.

We broke into several groups here are what some of the others played.

Tokaido – Be a Tourist in Japan

Looking forward to playing this Tourist of Japan game!

Codenames Pictures : A Spytastic Team Game

Until next week! Thanks for reading!


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