Splendor Game

Splendid Splendor Review


This simple Strategy Game gets replayed often as it is a quick game to learn and play. Playtime is around 30 minutes and can be played by 2-4 Players.


Players collect gem tokens to purchase development cards which are worth permanent gems and or prestige points (If there are points written on the Card being purchased)

These cards can then be used as token to purchase more development cards and when enough are collected can result in a nobles visit which add prestige points to that player.

Gem Tokens

There are five regular gems that can be collected each turn and then a golden token which can only be collected when reserving a Development card from the table or one of the three card decks. Each turn a player can collect either one of each of 3 different colors or 2 of the same color if that gem color has at least 4 tokens, if less than must  choose the first option of 3 different gem tokens.

Splendor Game Review
Splendor Gems

Game Setup

This is the setup for a standard 4 Player Game.

For a 2 Player Game: Remove all but 4 of each gem color, no change for gold, and only reveal 3 Nobles.

For a 3 Player Game: Should be five of each gems and gold and reveal 4 Nobles.

Splendor - Game Setup
Splendor – Game Setup

To Win

The first player to 15 prestige points triggers the last round. At the end of that round the player with the highest prestige points Wins!

Splendor Card Game


Overall a great game to play on the go, I carry it traveling in a smaller bag and works great!

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