Camel Up Game

Gamenight Week #2

Here is a recap of our second game night. All of our games we chose were because we could play with all 10 people together rather than splitting up into two groups of five.

Game Night Overview

  • Group Size: 10 people
  • Duration of Gamenight: 3 1/2 hours
  • Games Played
    • Camel Up
    • Secret Hitler (2 X)
    • Codenames Pictures

Game #1 Camel Up


 Time: 3 1/2 hours

It’s a camel race! In this unpredictable race, you can bet on one or more of the colorful camels on whether they will win or lose that leg of the race, or the full race!

One leg of the race is when each camel moves forward, they move by the roll of their matching colored die which is numbered either 1, 2 or 3.

The fun part is watching as the camels move along and “Camel Up” or pile up on each other, taking other camels along for the ride when they are moved forward, so your front runner camel can quickly turn out to be a loser camel!

You can also try to help your camel or hurt the chances of other camels  by putting a +1 Speed bump -1 Speed bump, making whichever camel lands on that square lose or gain 1 space giving or taking their advantage.

Each player is given a character and a color card for each camel. They can choose during their turn to do one of the following options

1. Bet on the leg of the race by taking a colored numbered card (Indicates what odds you will be paid if that color camel wins that leg)

2. Bet on the winning camel or the losing camel of the full race with one of your colored camel cards.

3. Add a speed bump or slow down patch on the race path.

4. Roll the die to move a camel forward and receive one coin.

At the end of each leg all bets for that leg are reconciled and then you move on to the next round and continue until one camel finishes the race! At that time you payout on the bets on the winner and loser camels.

How to win:

After all bets are counted and paid out, whichever player has the most money wins!



Game #2 Secret Hitler

Next up was Secret Hitler. In this political bluffing game, you get a secret envelope containing your role, and secret role. You are either a Fascist or Libral. Your secret role is a fascist, a liberal or one person gets the role of Hitler! This game is similar to mafia, werewolf or resistance.

However the secret role of Hitler changes this game up.

In the first round, when everyone closes their eyes, all the fascists open their eyes, Hitler raises his hand up but keeps his eyes closed, so all the fascists want to support Hitler but Hitler does not know anyone else’s identity.

Every round their are two roles that change. The President, which moves to the left each round and the Chancellor which is a position that is nominated by the President, but has to be voted in yes or no by the rest of the players.

If the Chancellor is elected, the President picks up 3 policies (a mix of liberal and fascist policies) and passes 2 to the Chancellor who then picks and passes one policy, either a liberal or a fascist Policy.

How to Win

To win the liberals must pass 5 liberal policies or identify and kill Hitler. The fascists win if they pass 6 fascist policies or if Hitler is elected Chancellor after at least 3 fascist policies are passed.

Game #3 Codenames Pictures

The third and last game of the night was a repeat which was Codenames Pictures, to learn how to play click here. Codenames Pictures was played again just because we wanted to keep the whole group together.

Codenames Pictures
Codenames Pictures


What is your favorite Game to play with a group of at least 10 people?

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