Codenames Pictures

Game Night Week #1

We finally started back our weekly game night at our store in Santa Barbara. We had six players so chose to the games that we played based on our number of players.

The Setup

Game #1 : Codenames Pictures

At first glance we thought that Codename Pictures would be easier than the regular codenames which is words rather than pictures. However we quickly found that with all of the detail and each picture card it was harder to give clues and also harder to exclude other cards when giving clues. For a full review on codenames click here.

Game #2 Munchkin Deluxe

I have played munchkin a few times and each Time need to reread the rules quite a few times. When we first pull this game out one of our players said wow that looks like the easiest boardgame. She was referring to the deluxe version which has the 1 to 10 board to help keep track of what level you’re on. She quickly found out that it was not a simple game!

Munchkin is a card game full of monsters treasures and backstabbing. Especially when the game is nearing the end wants players reach around level eight the game can actually go on for a good our just in the last rounds because of curses and potions and backstabbing! This game took us about two hours and 15 minutes.

What is your favorite game to play at Gamenight?

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