Fidget Spinners – The Hottest New Toy that every Kid wants!


The Hottest Toy of 2017 

The Hottest new toy this year is undoubtedly the Fidget Spinner. With this hype kids have been desperate to get their hands on any spinner they can to get it first. This is where the disappointment sets in. Most spinners are made very cheap quality and therefore break just as quickly. The pile for returns on spinners is very high. After a few spins and dropping it, which is bound to happen when starting out spinning them, it does not take long for a high percentage to start spinning really slow, falling apart or worse just cracking and becoming useless.

Top Trenz Fidget Spinner
Best fidget spinner’s – Dogs

The best spinner I have tried out is from Top Trenz. Although the price point is higher ranging from $14.99 to $29.99 rather than the $3.99-$9.99 range where most of them fall, it is worth the extra dollars to get a good quality one and save you the hassle of returning and buying a new one within a day or two.


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