Who is going to Hatch?

The Review

What is a Hatchimal? A question I get still on a daily basis. This was the must have toy for every child over the last Holiday season, still till today is popular for kids who did not get one of these exclusive toys.

A Hatchimal is a creature that comes inside an egg, and relies on you to help it hatch. It will make cute sounds and its eyes will glow in different colors to let you know what it needs to be cared for.


Time: 20-25 Minutes

Eye Color Meanings:

  • Glowing Pink: By holding the bottom (You will also hear the heartbeat
  • Glowing Red: Angry, make it happy by rubbing the bottom of the egg
  • Glowing Orange: It needs to burp, hold the bottom with one hand and gently pat its back with the other until its happy.
  • Flashing Orange: Hiccups, tap the egg to scare the hiccups away.
  • Glowing Green: Its had enough playtime for now and feels sick so time to rest, or tilt it sideways to help it sneeze.
  • Glowing Blue: Its shivering and cold and needs you rub it to warm it up.
  • Glowing Dark Blue: Scared, just rub the egg to comfort it.
  • Glowing White: Tired, wake it up by rubbing or playing with it

Play and Communicate

  • Play: Hold your Hatchimal with both hands and tilt it from side to side creating a sideways 8 or infinity shape. You will hear it respond and make noises the more you play!
  • Communicate: If it is quiet, tap on the egg, and wait and it will tap back matching your rhythm.


You know its ready to hatch when its eyes glow in rainbow colors. Hold and rub your Hatchimal when this happens to begin hatching. If it stops it needs a quick break, put it down for a nap and once it wakes up resume with the hatching process.

Once it done chipping away, help the Hatchimal by pealing away any remain pieces of egg from the top. Then gently pull it out, you will hear it click. Remove the plastic covering the wings and press the belly to hear it sing itself Hatchy Birthday!


  • Cuddling: Pet its head and their eyes will turn pink and it will make cooing sound.
  • Feeding: Tilt her forward and it will make eating sounds, if it overeats pat on the head to make it feel better and sigh.
  • Play: It is ready to play with yellow eyes,  tilt it from side to side or tickle its belly.
  • Sick: If its eyes turn green, tilt it forward for a sneeze or press its belly to make it cough.
  • Sleep: To put it to sleep or reset it, tilt it upside down for 8 seconds.


Rainbow eyes will signal it has grown to the next stage. In this stage it will learn to Talk, Walk and Dance.

  • Talk: Press and hold its belly until its eyes turn teal it will say “Hello” next press its belly and say something, your Hatchimal will repeat it back to you!
  • Walk: Press your Hatchimals belly until its eyes are solid white. Then clap once and it will walk forward, clap twice and it will turn! Too much turning and it may get sick!
  • Dance: Press your Hatchimals belly until you hear dance music and its eyes turn purple, its ready to dance! Want to take a break? Just tilt it forward to pause and then forward again to resume dancing.


Again the rainbow eyes and Hatchy Birthday means its grown up to a child, it still remembers everything it has learned so far and ready to learn more!

Hatchimal says: Press the Belly until its eyes are blue, then tap its head or wait a few seconds. Remember the previous colors and respond to each color its eyes turn.

  • Red: Tag it
  • Pink: Press its belly
  • Blue: Tilt it upside down

Psychic Hatchimal: Press the belly until its eyes are solid orange, then tap its head or wait a few seconds. Ask your Hatchimal a Yes or No question and wait for it to ready your future and respond with either Yes, No or Maybe.

Silly Sounds: Green eyes, it will Tap a pattern and you need to clap that pattern back to it, if you do this 10 times you win!

Tag: Press the Belly until its Flashing Red eyes, then tap its head or wait a few seconds. then tap its head or wait a few seconds. It will then run around. When its eyes turn red again tap it on the head to tag it. Get 15 tags to win!

RATING: 4 out of 5 Stars

I would give a 5 Stars for the amount of interaction and activities that the Hatchimal has. However, for the initial week and especially the hatching, the Hatchimal is very exciting, however after a week or so once a child has taken it through all the stages, it becomes more of a stuffed animal and the batteries get taken out. Overall I do recommend this toy as a great one time experience that children love.


Over the Holidays last year, some Hatchimals did not Hatch leading to many tears and ruined dreams of children. This was especially disappointing seeing as some went well out of their way to obtain it. We have not had a single complaint with the many we have sold, and hope they continue to improve this glitch.

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