Watch for the Pie in your Face!

Game Review

Pie face is a Family Game that is filled with fun and ends with a mess. Start off with some yummy whip cream, take a spin and a few turns, and wait in suspense until the Pie Hand Swings the Pie into whose face?

How to Play

  1. Apply a generous dob of whip cream to ” Pie Hand”
  2. Spin the spinner
  3. Turn the handle by the # amount shown on the spinner
  4. Take turns spinning and turning
  5. Cross your finger and hope you don’t get the PIE in your FACE!


  • Score points when you spin and turn and don’t get the pie in your face and double that number, so if you turned 4 times you would get 8 points.
  • Zero points if you get the pie in your Face.

How to Win

First Person to 24 Points Wins!

Rating 2.5 out of 5 

Good game for a Birthday Party but not a game you will pull out for every game night. The replay on this game is minimal.

Similar Games

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