Perplexes- The 3D Labyrinth

Growing up many kids spent hours with the classic Wooden Wood Labyrinth maze. In this classic game, a metal ball rolls through the maze that is controlled by two knobs. Beware as there are many holes along the maze for the ball to fall through. If you make it to the end of the maze you succeed.

Now there is Perplexus which takes the Labryinth maze up to another dimension. In this 3D maze you still have a ball and a starting point, but the now you can flip, spin, ad twist to keep the ball on track.  Once you finish the track. Start all over to do the next challenge!

The Rookie

For kids ages 6 and up, there is a Perplexus Rookie with only one maze path and 100 barriers.

The Original

In the Perplexes Original made for ages 8 and up also has 100 barriers to navigate. This puzzle is very easy to pick up but hard to put back down until you solve it!

The Twist

The game plot thickens with Perplexus Twist also for ages 8 and up and has 30 barriers. In this new maze, just when you think you are on the right track, you may hit a dead end, trap or cliffhanger. You then need to twist and realign the tracks to continue on your path.

Its Epic!

Once you have mastered the Original and Twist and are ready for the next level, take a stab at Perplexes Epic. This maze is for ages 8 and up and has a whopping 125 barriers set to entertain your concentration for hours!

More Variations


For the Whole Family

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