Rubik's Cube

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s-The Ultimate Mind Puzzler to Master

How To Solve the Rubik’s Cube? Its all about tackling the layers. Follow the following video Step-by-Step tutorial directly from Rubik’s to be the next Rubik’s Genius!

I have seen many guides, as there is more than one way to solve the Rubik’s cube. The following tutorial is the best I have found because it is broken down into simple steps, is easy to follow, and is slow enough to follow along!

First Step is to get familiar with what you need to begin! Watch this video for the basics of what each move means before you begin solving.

First Step in Solving the Rubik’s Cube is to create a White cross.

Next, solve the White Corners!

Congratulations on solving the first layer! Once you have the white side completed, move on to solving the middle layer.

Great job! Now you only have one layer left to do!

You are almost there! Here is the last step!

Once you solve the cube, the fun has just begun! Next, work on improving your time.

Practice each algorithm until you master it, then challenge yourself by closing your eyes and solve it without looking!

Once you have mastered all the ways to solve it, challenge a friend to a Solve-off and see who can solve it the fastest! The current World Record for solving the Rubik’s is 4 seconds!

Be sure to carry a Rubiks cube to parties, what how easy it is to impress the crowds, just by solving this cube! Instant Genius status!

Rubik’s 2×2
Rubik’s 4×4
Rubik’s 3×3
Rubik’s 5X5 Cube

Other variations


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