Cards Against Humanity Review

Cards Against Humanity

An offensive and hilarious twist on to Apples to Apples.

Game Highlights

Age: 17+    Gameplay: 30 Minutes
Players: 4+           Price: $25

Players draw 10 white cards and the judge picks up and reads 1 black card
aloud. Each black card has 1-2 blank spaces in which the rest of the players
choose either 1-2 cards to fill in the blanks.

Kids, I don’t need drugs to get high. I’m high on_________

Pick One of the following to fill in the blank.
a. Punching a congressman in the face.
b. My collection of high-tech sex toys
c. Estrogen
d. Justin Bieber

The judge is left to decide which is the best fit and awards the winner with the card and point.

Pros: Short, fun great party game.
Cons: Most definitely will offend that one person, don’t play with them.

Once you play the base game a few times, its time to get the expansions to keep the variety and fun going!

Cards Against Humanity is the “Dirty” game version of Mattel’s Apples to Apples Party in a Box, one of the most popular Party Games with over 7 million copies sold. With the Popularity that Cards Against Humanity has received, now there is an “Adult” version of almost every Popular Party Game!


From Clean to Dirty Adult Party Games

Here are some Popular Party Games that have now come out with “Adult” Versions!

Telestrations- The Original vs. Telestrations After Dark

This Game is a fun mixtures of Pictionary and Telephone, you never know what story you will end up with!


The Game of Things vs. The Nasty Game of THINGS

This fun box of Things has you guessing who made up which fun answer. In both the family and adult versions, you are sure to have plenty of hilarious responses!


What is your Favorite Adult Party Game???

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